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National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights

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Rollback Campaign Recognizes 17 Year Old Michelle Dominguez, New Media Civil Rights Activist

CONTACT: The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights: Tanene Allison (212) 244-4664 or Cristóbal Joshua Alex (206) 427-3679

NEW YORK, NY- The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights (The Rollback Campaign) recognizes Michelle Dominguez as a leader in the use of online media to promote a new civil rights era and to push public discussion on social justice issues.

Michelle "Missy" Dominguez, 17, of Arleta, California has been selected for recognition of her civil rights leadership by a panel of judges, made up of NAACP President, Ben Jealous, Congresswoman Hilda Solis, MTV News Correspondent, and former America's Next Top Model contestant, Kim Stolz, and award-winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson.

"It is both inspiring and refreshing to see this nation's youth bring such a strong voice to the issue of civil rights, and to watch them implement that strength politically, through media creation and at the voting box." - Kim Stolz, MTV News Correspondent

Missy is a full-time student at California State University Northridge and a self-proclaimed activist. Missy dedicates most of her time to educating herself and others about LGBTQ and women's rights issues. Integrating her passion for film and activism, Missy creates videos about the issues she's passionate about and posts them onto YouTube. Her purpose is to motivate the young people of her generation to use the popular new media of today as an outlet to spread awareness of important human rights issues.

To watch Missy's YouTube video on what she is doing for civil rights today, you can visit here.

Missy is a leader in a new era of civil rights activism that has already changed the landscape of politics in the 21st century. Youth political involvement and voter turnout this year has broke every stereotype about young people being apathetic. The Millennial Generation has shown that it is thinking about, and taking action on, politics and civil rights in new and innovative ways. Missy has consistently used the tools of online networking and new media to encourage progress and discussion on issues of LGBT Rights, Women's Rights and the Rights of Communities of Color.

The Rollback Campaign will fly Missy to New York City to recognize her leadership work. While in New York, Missy will receive a media training, visit a taping of Laura Flanders' GritTV, meet with civil rights leaders and spend time with MTV News Correspondent, Kim Stolz.

Created in response to recent federal court decisions that are eroding civil rights protections, the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights is a collection of more than one hundred civil rights organizations and numerous individuals who came together to ensure that the courts protect and preserve justice, fairness, and opportunity for everyone. The Campaign focuses on public education and outreach, finding ways to get the message out about the impact of court rulings on our communities, our opportunities and our rights.