About the Campaign

The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights (NCRCR) is a non-partisan movement working to ensure that our courts protect and preserve equal justice, fairness, and opportunity. We achieve these goals through raising awareness, outreach, and building alliances.

Created in response to recent federal court decisions that are eroding civil rights protections, the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights is a collection of more than one hundred civil rights organizations and numerous individuals. The Campaign focuses on public education and outreach, finding ways to get the message out about the impact of court rulings on our communities, our opportunities and our rights.


Campaign Staff

Other than the wide national network of amazing partners doing great work, we have a small staff dedicated to the campaign. Find out more about us by clicking on “campaign staff,” above.

What Does the Word Rollback Mean?

The 1980s in the United States marked the beginning of what some have called the “rollback” period in civil rights.

Contact Us

Send us an email, call us on the phone, use snail mail. Feedback and participation is always welcome