Workers’ Rights Speakers

  • Elise C. Boddie

    Fordham Law School

  • Michelle M. Duprey

    City of New Haven Dept. of Services for Persons with Disabilities

  • Daniel B. Kohrman

    AARP Foundation Litigation

  • Lenora Lapidus

    Director, ACLU Women’s Rights Project

  • Lilly Ledbetter

    Lilly Ledbetter was hired at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Gadsden, Alabama, as a Supervisor/Area Manager. She worked there almost twenty years managing various areas of production. While at Goodyear she received the top performance award. She was one of four area area managers selected to start up the light truck production at the Gadsden Plant. Prior to Goodyear employment she was a District Manager for H & R Block, Inc. managing fourteen locations in the Anniston, Alabama, area. Prior to H & R Block she was Assistant Finicial Aid Director at Jacksonville State University.

    Ledbetter was honored by the National Women’s Law Center, Washington D.C., at their thirty-fifth anniversary dinner. She was honored for standing up and fighting discrimination and for her efforts to secure fairer workplaces and stonger civil rights protections for all Americans.

    Ledbetter was the first female president of the Anniston Area Management Association. She is the current District Two Director of the Alabama Federation of Women Clubs. She served a six year term on Alabama Board for License of Private Schools. She is active in her church and is a local volunteer.

    Ledbetter was born and grew up in Alabama. She has been married to her husband Charles fifty-two years and they have a daughter, a son and four grandchildren.

  • Mark J. Murphy

    Disabilities Law Project

  • Jocelyn Samuels

    National Women’s Law Center

    Jocelyn Samuels is Vice President for Education and Employment at the National Women’s Law Center, where she focuses on barriers to the advancement of women and girls at school and in the workplace. Among her areas of focus, in which she participates in litigation, advocacy, and public education, are non-discrimination in athletics; fair treatment of women and girls in career education programs and non-traditional fields like math and science; equal pay for equal work; and development of fundamental legal principles of equal opportunity. Prior to joining the Center, Ms. Samuels was Labor Counsel to Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. In addition to legal experience in the private sector, she also worked for a decade as a senior policy attorney at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where she specialized in issues of sex and race discrimination. Ms. Samuels received her law degree from Columbia University and her Bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.

  • Deborah Weissman

    UNC School of Law

    Deborah Weissman joined the faculty of UNC School of Law in 1998 and is presently Professor of Law and Director of the law school’s clinical programs. She has had extensive experience in all phases of legal services advocacy, including labor law and education related civil rights law cases with the Legal Aid Society of Albuquerque, New Mexico (1975 1980), family law and civil rights impact cases with Bay Area Legal Service in Tampa, Florida (1990 1994), and Legal Services of North Carolina, as Deputy Director (1994 1995) and as Executive Director (1996 1998). Weissman was also a partner in the civil rights firm of Heath, Rosenthal and Weissman in Syracuse, NY (1980 1989) and worked on major civil rights litigation, legislative campaigns, and community outreach programs in many areas of law. In 1998, she received the North Carolina Equity s Carpathian Award for Public Service. She served as the Chair of the North Carolina Commission on Domestic Violence between 2000 and 2005. She teaches domestic violence law, civil lawyering process, and the immigration/human rights policy clinic. Professor Weissman has collaborated with the Washington Office on Latin America on issues related to gender violence in Latin America; with Global Rights on the issue of U.S. treaty obligations with regard to the treatment of domestic workers; with a consortium of national criminal justice organizations on the issue of juvenile justice; and with local legal advocates working on immigration issues and human trafficking. Her current research projects include the political economy of gender violence and the relationship between trade laws and policies and immigration. She is the 2005-2006 recipient of the UNC Pro Bono Faculty of the Year award.